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Waterproofing solutions for all your needs!

Types of Waterproofing Solutions available in India

Let’s understand what do you mean by term Waterproof. Waterproof means a surface or substance doesn’t have the effect of water on same.
When this technique is been processed for application is called Waterproofing.
Waterproofing is basically achieved by use of few specialised materials, process & techniques. Most of these materials are synthetic in nature. Rarely one of the component is naturally available.

Where can this Waterproofing be used?

This could be used at multiple applications Like Making fabric waterproof, making a structure waterproof, making a gadget/device waterproof.
All these processes are different from one other, not only that, all these products have different constitution chemistry.

What are the types of waterproofing methods in construction?

The type of waterproofing method in waterproofing depends purely on the area of application.

(Ex. Basement; Water Bodies like Pool, Water Tanks, Fountains; Water prone areas like Kitchens, Toilets, Bathrooms, Ducts, Sewer lines ; Exposed surfaces like External Facade, External sidewalls, Balconies, Roofs, Terraces; special Utilities areas like Steam & sauna rooms, powder rooms, etc)

Generally, waterproofing needs are classified for two broad categories:

  1. Below Grade structures (Underground Structures)
  2. Above Grade structures (Above ground structures, open to sky structures)

Principle types of Waterproofing Systems includes following:

  1. Barrier Protection / Preventive System (also knowns as Type A)
  2. Structurally Integral Protection / Protection System (also knowns as Type B)
  3. Drainage System (also knowns as Type C)
  4. Diversion Systems (also knowns as Type D)

All systems of waterproofing are derivatives of these principle waterproofing categories.

These systems could be used individually and could also be used in combination. Purpose and performance of all these systems is specific, non-identical and couldn’t be substituted by either.

Again, waterproofing system depends on the stage of your structure, like if your structure is in planning stage then waterproofing systems are different then in case of already constructed structure.

To classify the various systems commonly preferred and used in India are as follows:

  1. Coating based Waterproofing (Liquid applied seamless Membrane)
    Choice of coatings depend on the purpose & result drawn

    1. Cemenetitious
    2. Bitumen Based
    3. Acrylic Based
    4. Epoxy Based
    5. Polyurethane based
    6. Polyurea Based
  2. Injection Grouting
    Injection grouting systems are used for point defects in major cases and specially preferred in case of negative waterproofing to be done.
  3. Preformed Membrane Based
    These pre-formed membranes comes in two variant and use depends purely on recommendation of waterproofing consultant, agency or client specific requirement.

    Further shared details of variants.

    1. Self Sticking (Self Adhering)
    2. Thermo-setting (Torch Applied)
  4. Remedial 
    This type of systems are not typically so called waterproofing systems but they are considered to be waterproofing systems.

    1. Brick-Bat Coba
    2. Box Type

And lastly introducing a waterproofing method specifically used for internal leakage sources is called “RAJ TECHNOLOGY FOR WATERPROOFING” by Raja & Raja.
The advantage of this technology is over any other waterproofing technique used towards waterproofing of the Internal sources and is Non-Destructive in nature.
Takes only 6 hours to treat and complete waterproofing process per unit.

To reach Raja & Raja for any of your Waterproofing requirements: Click Here

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